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Commission7 by HeartCores

Original: Commission7

This is my Star Wars The Clone Wars OC, Admiral Halna Gowen of the CIS. He's not a dark acolyte, but a tactical commander. (Please note, a lot of Halna's military operations during the clone wars were specific battles with no real idea who commanded the separatist forces, such as the Battle of Sarrish)

Basic Info:
  • Name: Halna Gowen (Name made using George Lucas's Star Wars Name Formula:…)
  • Age:
    • 20 (22 bby)
    • 23 (19 bby)
    • 47 (5 aby)
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Homeworld: Celanon
  • Allegiance:
    • Confederacy of Independent Systems (Clone Wars)
    • Toonbuck Toora's Separatist Holdout (Empire Era)
    • Marlo The Hutt (Empire Era)
    • Rebel Alliance/New Republic (Empire Era)
Physical Info:

  • Height: 1.87 m
  • Weight: 72.5 kg
  • Build: Tall and Slender
  • Face:
    • Short Goatee (Post Battle of Yavin)
  • Hair:
    • Texture: Wavy
    • Length: Medium
    • Color: Brown
  • Eyes:
    • Shape: Wideset
    • Size: Normal
    • Color: Brown
  • Special Features:
    • Left Arm severed by lightsaber during the Clone Wars, replaced by a B2 Battle Droid Arm
  • Force Sensitive?: No
Personal Info:

  • Social Status: Upper Class
  • Family: Parents: Argo and Callista Gowen, wealthy dignitaries of Celanon and owners of GPA; Callista represented the world first in the Republic Senate, then in the Confederate Parliament, while Argo ran the company. No siblings.
  • Education:
    • Private Schools
    • Celanon University
    • CIS Officer Academy on Geonosis
  • Close Friends:
    • Commander Havok (Personal Super Tactical Droid)
    • Captain Mar Tuuk
    • Colonel Jarik (Neimoidian Tactician)
    • Commodore Proddo (Muun Officer)
    • General Sev’rance Tann
  • Enemies:
    • Captain Orson Krennic
  • Allies:
    • Count Dooku
    • General Grievous
    • Asajj Ventress
    • Toonbuck Toora
  • Habits:
    • Tucking hair behind ear
    • Running fingers through hair
    • Licking Lips
    • Eye-rolling
    • Swearing
    • Gesturing a lot when issuing tactical commands
    • Saying things that don't make sense to anyone, even himself
    • Having trouble sleeping
    • Practicing his skills with his stun baton
  • Hobbies:
    • Tinkering with droid parts
    • Running tactical simulations
    • Going on spacewalks
    • Shooting asteroids
  • Likes:
    • Commanding a fleet
    • Working on machinery
    • Working with droids
    • Fighting for the Confederacy
  • Dislikes:
    • Having to deal with stupid battle droids
    • The Jedi for severing his arm
    • The Republic for it’s corrupt practices
    • Putting up with malfunctioning and/or arrogant tactical droid captains
    • Participating in the subjugation and slavery of innocent Republic citizens
  • Goals:
    • To make the Republic recognize the CIS as a legitimate government
    • To become one of the best CIS officers in the navy
    • To take down the Empire and avenge the CIS by joining the Rebel Alliance
      • To get revenge on Orson Krennic
Military Info:

  • Ranks:
    • Captain (22 BBY)
    • Colonel (21 BBY)
    • Admiral (20-19 BBY)
  • Personal Flagship: Lucrehulk-Class Battleship Dauntless
    • Year Received: 20 BBY
  • Weapons:
    • Heavy Blaster Pistol
    • B2 Droid Arm Blaster
    • Side Handle Stun Baton (for fighting Jedi)
  • Digital Gear:
    • Holographic Eyepiece with Ear Comlink (Displays environment and tactical information)
    • Touch Screen Wrist pad (Guides battle droids)History

  1. Early Life: Halna Gowen was born in 42 BBY to Argo and Callista Gowen. They were members of a wealthy Celanon family, and founders of Gowen Planetary Advancement, a subcompany of the Trade Federation that introduced less advanced planets to the greater galaxy, provided them with advanced technology and taught them how to use and market their resources, provided relief efforts to any society that was in danger of an apocalyptic event, and protected them from pirates. Halna grew up in Celanon City, and when he was 6 years old, he and his parents took frequent trips off-world with his parents, during which he learned about dozens of different cultures and the practice of mercantilism. When he was 10 years old, the Galactic Senate put a tax on the free trade zones, sectors where GPA and other companies thrive, and their star systems were protected from pirates by the trade federation's army; if the free-trade zones were taxed, then the droid army would be unable to protect against pirates. Halna’s parents were against the taxation of the FTZ, as it threatened the company and it’s client worlds. This event began Halna Gowen’s mistrust for the Republic. On 26 BBY, Halna was accepted into Celanon University, learning business and cruiser systems so that he can become a freighter captain in GPA’s fleet of Lucrehulks. On 24 BBY, The Confederacy of Independent Systems was founded by former Jedi Count Dooku of Serenno, and Celanon was one of the first worlds to join. The CIS was preparing a droid army with the help of the Trade Federation, Techno Union, Corporate Alliance, and other corporations, and it was recruiting officers to command the droid forces in the CIS Officer Academy on Geonosis, headed by Sev’rance Tann. Halna persuaded his parents to let him join the academy, though they were reluctant about their son going to war. He began his training for the war on 24 BBY. He learned tactical formations, how to command battle droids, fly star fighters just like the other recruits. Though he also took up combat training, which most of the other students avoided. Halna learned directly from Tann herself in this class, and was complimented for his skills with a side handle stun baton.
  2. The Clone Wars
    1. The Battle of Geonosis: When the Clone Army attacked Geonosis on 22 BBY, Halna was stationed at a tactical booth, from which he commanded dozens of platoons, and a squad of Hailfire Droids, one of which he directly drove into battle via remote control, taking out one of the Republic’s SPHA Walkers, and saving a Lucrehulk Core ship from destruction. For this, he was awarded with the rank of Captain, and given command of a Munificent-Class Frigate, which he christened Hypernova.
    2. The Battle of Christophsis/The Hutt Incident: Halna was assigned to Admiral Trench’s fleet, which was tasked with invading the world of Christophsis. His task was to destroy the local starfighter corps that made up the planet's orbital defense and make way for Gen. Whorm Loathsom's surface attack. Their Z-95s proved to be no match for Halna's vulture droids, and the Christophsis space force was destroyed. He then participated in the blockade of the planet, and Loathsom's landing craft arrived on schedule. He later rescued Trench from his doomed flagship during the Republic’s attack on the blockade to provide relief aid to Senator Organa. After his escape, he was assigned to aid Asajj Ventress on Teth. He commanded the Hypernova and several squads of droid fighters in an aerial battle with the Venator-Class Star Destroyer Resolute.
    3. The Ryloth Campaign: After Halna was assigned to the space force that would attack the planet Ryloth. Halna’s mission was destroy a small group of republic ships en route to providing reinforcements to the fleet over Ryloth, while the main force engaged the Republic. He was provided with 2 additional frigates, and he surprised the three cruisers before they could jump to Hyperspace, and incapacitated the escorts, while losing one of his frigates. But the republic starfighters were moving with droid-like efficiency. After a brief skirmish where Halna’s own use of tactical skill and increased number of vulture droids, he was hailed by the lead republic ship. The commander of these reinforcements was not a Jedi, but a Judicial Forces captain named Orson Krennic. After a brief compliment of each other's abilities, Orson Krennic offered to surrender. Halna prepared a boarding party and rode a droch-class boarding ship right to the star destroyer’s bridge. Hana moved his forces into the bridge and had guns trained on all of the officers. But then, Halna was surprise attacked by a Weequay Jedi named Tormax. He ordered the droids to fire on the clone technicians, and engage the clones on their way to the bridge. After a brief confrontation, during which Krennic managed to escape in a shuttle, Tormax cut Halna’s left arm off. Before the Jedi could deliver a blow, Halna suddenly whipped out his blaster and fired before the young Jedi could block it; Tormax was only recently made a Jedi Knight, and was too caught up in the moment of victory, letting his guard down. Right after Tormax died, Halna grabbed Tormax’s lightsaber, and lost consciousness. He was carried off by B2 battle droids and returned to the Hypernova. Halna later woke up in the Hypernova’s custom medical bay, where a mechanical device pumping bacta was attached to where his left arm was. He found the lightsaber he took from Tormax on the bedside table to his right, and General Grievous standing at the foot of his bed. He was at first scared of the General, he had killed dozens of Jedi before, and showed little mercy to his followers. But Grievous congratulated him for taking down a Jedi, stating that it was an enormous feat for a captain, and promoted Halna to Colonel, and giving him control of the Recusant-Class Destroyer Harbinger, as well as two additional frigates, his own squad of commando droids, and assigned him to his personal fleet. Halna gave Grievous the lightsaber and underwent a surgery which would give him a slightly modified B2 Battle Droid Arm, complete with a tactical wrist pad and blaster gauntlet. When Ryloth was secure, he and Asajj Ventress went to the neutral moon where Jedi Master Yoda and King Katuunko of Toydaria were to meet for a secret negotiation to establish a Republic base on Toydaria. He commanded the Hypernova and another frigate in a surprise attack on Yoda’s consular ship. During the Republic's counter-invasion of Ryloth, Halna provided Captain Mar Tuuk with 4 frigates to beat back General Skywalker's fleet.
    4. The Malevolence in Danger: The Malevolence was attacking a Republic medical station near Naboo when it was seriously damaged by General Skywalker and his squad of prototype Y-wing bombers. General Grievous put out a distress call, and Halna’s flight was the first to receive the signal. He met a Republic cruiser group under the command of Jedi General Luminara Unduli. His flight was outmatched, and he was forced to retreat. He intercepted Grievous’s star fighter, and learned of the Malevolence’s demise.
    5. The Battle of Sarrish: In 20 BBY, Halna, who became a Commodore after his success at destroying a Republic fleet over Felucia, and his fellow Commodore Proddo, as well as a Neimoidian Colonel named Jarik, were assigned to the Confederate base on Sarrish. The 212th clone legion, led by General Obi-wan Kenobi had arrived in orbit and were flying in gunships to the base. The officers devised a plan; while Proddo stayed at the main base with most of their forces, Halna had over 20 droid gunships, fully loaded with B2 Battle droids, hidden 2 kilometers to the south of the base, and Jarik commanded the fleet which would trap the Republic space forces. He completely deactivated his droids so the clones wouldn’t detect them. When Kenobi seemed on the verge of victory, Halna and Jarik attacked; He and his commando droids rode on the hulls of their gunships, which routed the 212th legion, and dealt them serious casualties. Meanwhile, Jarik had already destroyed half a dozen light cruisers and severely incapacitated the command ship. After the initial onslaught from the gunships, they deployed their battle droids, and Halna and his commandos led the final assault on the surviving clones. Kenobi and several clones may have escaped, but the battle was won, and both Halna and Proddo were promoted to Admirals; Jarik was promoted to Rear Admiral and was assigned to Halna's fleet. While both Proddo and Jarik chose providence-class ships for their flagships, Halna chose a Lucrehulk-Class Battleship, which he named Dauntless. Halna and Proddo became famous among the ranks of Confederate Officers, and both of their fleets frequently accompanied General Grievous. Halna was also given a Super Tactical Droid, which he named Havok, and a Rogue-Class Starfighter. He used Havok to command the Dauntless and the rest of his squadron while he was in his starfighter. As a promotion gift, Argo Gowen used the family fortune to buy Halna a cloaking device, which he installed onto the Dauntless.
    6. The Battle over Coruscant: When General Grievous’s fleet attacked Coruscant, Halna led a bomber strike on the Republic Cruisers docked on the surface. His squads were intercepted by republic star fighters, and a massive aerial battle broke out on the surface of Coruscant, causing a lot of property damage. During the skirmish over the docking facilities, Grievous successfully kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, and ordered all remaining forces to withdraw from the surface. When Halna returned to the Dauntless, a fleet of Republic star destroyers 1 hundred strong came out of hyperspace to intercept the fleet. Halna picked up several escape pods from Grievous’s doomed flagship, the Invisible Hand. The escape pods carried Grievous and several of his organic crew. Grievous brought news of Count Dooku’s death at the hands of General Skywalker. From the Dauntless, Grievous marshaled the rest of the Confederate fleet to retreat; the attack had failed.
    7. The End of The Clone Wars: Halna was engaged with a republic fleet in deep space, being chased in his starfighter by a Jedi interceptor and several clone headhunters, when the headhunters suddenly fired on the Jedi, and destroyed his ship. He was confused, but he quickly ended the battle; without their Jedi commander, the clones were helpless. He then received a transmission from Mustafar, where the Confederate Council was stationed; the war is over, shutdown your fleet immediately. Halna immediately assumed this was a trick, and logged on to the Holonet. He found out that the Republic had seen a Jedi rebellion, and was reorganizing into an empire. Fearing the worst, he traveled alone to Mustafar, and found the Confederate leading council dead. Using an astromech droid, he extracted visual footage, and found out that Anakin Skywalker had killed Nute Gunray and the others. He also found out from a recorded transmission from Utapau to Mustafar that General Grievous had been killed shortly before the clones turned on the Jedi. He then realized the worst; his fleet was probably the only one left. The Confederate Navy was once tens of thousands strong in spacecraft; Now, it was just under 4,000 vessels, and less than a hundred thousand active battle droids. Halna Gowen had now become the leader of the Separatist Holdouts.
  3. The Empire Era:
    1. Sy Myrth: Halna found Proddo, as well as Admiral Tuuk and General Whorm Loathsom, who escaped the prison on Coruscant during the attempted kidnapping of the chancellor. They found sanctuary for the fleet with Toonbuck Toora of Sy Myrth. He contacted his parents in person to let them know in secret what he was up to, and he told them to try and use GPA to protect their client worlds from the Empire’s military wrath by means of total compliance. Halna and the others then offered their to Toora and offered to aid her in her struggle against the Empire. During the empire’s first engagement against Toora’s holdout, Halna met an old enemy, now Commodore Orson Krennic. After a year of resistance, Halna and Toonbuck were defeated; Jarik was killed on his cruiser, and Toora and Loathsom were apprehended by the Empire, but Halna and Proddo managed to escape to Hutt Space with only Havok, The Dauntless, 5 destroyers and 10 frigates, as well as a few hundred droid interceptors, bombers and fighters. Proddo left the army and returned to Muunilinst to stay with his family, and Halna took the remains of his forces to the outer rim.
    2. Alliance With Marlo The Hutt/Hiding: Halna Gowen was employed as a smuggler by Marlo the Hutt, because the Dauntless had a cloaking device. He hid his other ships in an uncharted star system in the middle of the Rishi Maze, deactivated them, and memorized the hyperspace coordinates; only he knew where his ships were. He used his remaining droids and shuttles from the Dauntless to make lucrative profits. He always operated the Dauntless in Hutt Space; because of his deal with Marlo, he could remain safe from imperial Star Destroyers. In 4-3 BBY, Halna found the droid general Kalani, who recently escaped from Agamar with the help of a rebel cell. Kalani decided to accompany Halna and Havok.
    3. Joining the Rebel Alliance: While he wasn’t involved in the battle of Yavin, the death star’s destruction certainly had an impact on Halna. He immediately and eagerly began searching for the Rebel Alliance, meeting some X-wing pilots on Abafar. With their help, he was able to meet the rebels in orbit of Ord Mantell. He contacted his parents, only to find out that Argo had been imprisoned on charges of supporting rebel activity. Despite Callista’s insistence that he return home, Halna decided to offer his ship to the Alliance and try to find his father. He recalled the rest of his fleet, painted his ships' blue markings red, emblazoned the rebel symbol on each ship, and used his droids and ships as cannon fodder to provide distractions so that the rebel forces could make full use of guerrilla tactics. After participating in the third battle of Naboo, Halna found his father imprisoned on a star destroyer that he attacked. Together, they returned to Celanon to restart GPA and provide the New Republic’s fleet with their Lucrehulks. After the New Republic was officially established, Halna’s parents were retired, and Halna inherited GPA when they retired, making it a critical part of the Republic.
Halna Gowen
This is my attempt at a star wars OC; a commander in the Separatist droid army, because the Separatists need more love.

I do not own star wars.


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