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I've caught the flu, so I won't be able to work on Memoirs of a Separatist for a while.
Halna walked through the stone corridors until he found what he was looking for; a metal, hatch-like door. He submitted his cadet ID into the keypad and the door opened to reveal a featureless, white room with a half-circle of consoles lined with buttons, switches and levers. As he entered the Simulator, the door closed behind him, and it's outline seemed to dissolve. He walked up to the consoles and pressed a button. "Please select a simulation." a synthetic female voice instructed. "Set level 11, variable 38." Halna replied. The white walls turned black, and he was consumed in darkness, save for the lights on the console. Then, stars winked into existence as a purple nebula swirled out of the darkness, illuminated by a closer star. As the nebula stopped moving, a field of asteroids materialized, as well as 10 Republic Corvettes and 20 Jedi starfighters. Then, Halna's forces materialized; 5 Munificent-Class Frigates and a single Recusant-Class destroyer. Each frigate carries 40 droid starfighters, and the destroyer carries 20 Hyena Bombers. He quickly assessed the status of each of his ships, then got to work, "Launch all fighters; have the bombers split into teams of 2, 1 team for each corvette. Get a double squad escort for each team, and divert remaining vultures to cruiser defense." The diversion of 8 vultures for each hyena left 40 vultures to defend the capital ships, and this part was where it got hard. Halna found that if he focused the starfighters on the jedi ships, the corvettes would flank his capital ships and take out 3 frigates and the destroyer. But, if he focused his attack on the corvettes, his capital ships wouldn't be harmed by them, but his fighters would be vulnerable to attack; sure they outnumbered the Jedi by ten times, but the Jedi fighters have a lot of strength and durability. As the hyenas unloaded their payload onto the Republic corvettes, the Jedi fighters started to maim the vulture escorts. "Move the ships in and focus all turbolasers on the Jedi." he ordered. The capital vessels moved closer to the wrecked corvettes. He knew if he tried to fire now, the Jedi would evade the turbolasers, which would hit his droid vessels. "Tell the fighters to pull behind the cruisers. Use the discord cannons." he ordered. His destroyer had an arsenal of discord cannons, which launched missiles that home in on a target, and deploy squads of Pistoeka Sabotage Droids. The downside was that unless he timed it right, a missile would lose it's target. He would get hits on Jedi fighters, but when they started to go down, they would always set course to collide with the bridge of a frigate; in Halna's last turn at this course, the Jedi would take down 3-4 cruisers. He did this enough times to confirm. He could only hope that the droids would manage to hit a suicidal fighter before it took down a cruiser. "Discord cannons hot." a droid reported. Halna saw the fighters wiz by as the Jedi neared, and found his opportunity, "Fire turbolasers and missiles!" The scene glowed red as a storm of particle bolts moved at near the speed of light to the fighters. Amidst the storm of laserfire, he saw 20 small blue comets; the ionic exhaust of the missiles. As the Jedi fighters weaved and dodged the storm, their corresponding missiles adjusted course accordingly. Halna summoned a camera view of one missile, and saw one jedi fighter grow closer and closer. The imagery then cut out, and a droid reported, "Sabotage units have hit their targets." Halna ordered, "Cease fire and turn the cruisers around. Have the vultures zero in on their positions and activate the net formation." The net formation was a risky maneuver where droid fighters would fly really close together, and deliberately ram a starfighter or a small ship. The vulture droids formed up and began to head for the Jedi. He saw several explosions, and confirmed that 11 Jedi fighters have been destroyed. The other 9 managed to dodge the net, but they were trailing smoke. Halna began to have hope, but he was getting to an all too familiar scenario, where a number of badly damaged fighters had rammed his cruisers' engines and disabled them for the corvettes that swiftly destroyed the rest. At this moment, he remembered something; starfighter training. Courses where cadets learned how to pilot a droid fighter remotely. He was never good at it; it required wearing a special headset that covered his eyes and projected a view from the droid's photoreceptors. It was extremely nauseating. But Halna steeled himself has he got out the headset and summoned a chair and fighter control stick with the push of a button. "Tell the squads to form up on me." he ordered as he put on the headset. A vulture droid was randomly selected by the computer, and whatever the droid saw, he saw. The other droids had formed up, and were heading to the fighters. He felt the nausea start to set in; he ignored it as he and the other droids fired. One went up in smoke as the others evaded. Halna began to focus on the fighters, and was surprised to find the nausea wore off. He saw another Jedi fighter blow up, and another, and another, on an on until one remained. This one was getting closer to the destroyer. He started to give chase, following it's trail of smoke. He turned his speed up to full and fired as he got closer to the fighter. Then the imagery cut out; he must have collided with it. He took off the headset as the synthetic voice announced, "Simulation complete; no enemies detected. Displaying results." He analyzed them carefully; he found his force at 70% capacity. His face lit up, but he did not shout, or jump. He could barely believe it; he had done this simulation 5 times before; each time resulted in failure. But each time he took on the simulation, he didn't use the pilot feature. He recorded his results and a replay onto his holodevice and ran out of the room.

Sev'rance Tann watched the recording of the battle with a blank expression. When the last Republic starfighter was destroyed, she turned the projector off and looked at the cadet sitting across from her. "I'm impressed..." she mused, "...but know this place is not a common university; we're preparing you for much harsher realities. The Jedi are not an easy opponent to face, least not for the likes of you." Halna waved off the rebuke, "But you said that if I got these results, you'd train me in lightsaber combat." he replied. Tann looked amused, "You're right; I did. Head to the gym tomorrow morning at 0800 exactly; fail to arrive on time, and I'll reconsider." Halna tried to conceal his childish excitement, "Thank you General." he said in a quivering voice as he walked out of the room. His eagerness is admirable, but it can lead to overconfidence. Tann thought to herself as she reexamined his simulation.

Halna's simulator victory spread among the cadets like wildfire, but even he acknowledged that Pors was still ahead in the game. All he could really think about was the saber training. Tann had made arrangements to include combat lessons in his schedule, and instructed him to arrive in athletic clothes and to bring his training blaster. He woke up the next morning at 0700, showered and ate some breakfast. He found his way to the gym, which was an atrium for the Geonosians who lived in this hive, before it was repurposed; weights and various exercise machines lied about. In the center, was a series of mats that sufficed for a dueling ring. On the ring, he found General Tann in a black, tight-fitting tank top and leggings that accented her muscular figure and curves. She swung her lightsaber in what looked like practice drills. Without stopping, she said, "Pick a weapon." Halna looked around, and found a rack with a series of training staffs in different shapes and sizes. He saw a large truncheon with a side handle, and decided to try that. He grabbed the weapon and examined it. He found a button at the end of the handle. He pushed it, and the baton ignited, coursing with bolts of electricity. He also found that the handle could spin the blade. "That weapon requires an arm insulator." Tann instructed as she performed a complex form. Momentarily confused, Halna looked at the rack until he found what she was talking about; a pair of single sleeves with a glove and a shoulder strap. Being right handed, he put down the baton and took the right sleeve and slipped his arm into it; he found that it didn't increase his arm's temperature, and therefore, must be designed to prevent excess heat while insulating him from the baton. With the insulator on, he activated the baton and touched it; he wasn't electrocuted. He picked up the activated weapon and turned back to the general. "Alright, I've got the insulator on; now what?" he asked. When he thought Tann wasn't listening, she suddenly jumped and swung her lightsaber right at him! He quickly brought up his weapon and was surprised to find that Tann's saber hadn't sliced right through; the baton blocked the blade as if it were a lightsaber itself. "Impressive; you may turn out not to be a waste of time." Tann complimented; her expression must have been what passed for animosity on Csilla; eyebrows slightly raised. She turned off the lightsaber, as Halna deactivated the truncheon. "But keep in mind; this weapon can't cut through materials like a lightsaber, and you won't be able to deflect blaster bolts without the force. It is a weapon meant for self defense, or to be used in conjunction with a blaster." Halna looked surprised, "But I'm right-handed ma'am." "What difference does that make?" Tann said with disappointment, "Draw your blaster." Halna put down the baton and withdrew the training blaster from his holster. Tann looked even more disappointed, "Without putting down the truncheon." Halna put it away, picked up the truncheon, and drew his blaster with his left hand. "Better," Tann said, her disappointment decreasing, as she explained further, "The Jedi are bound by their code; they will do all they can to disarm, but not to kill unless given little choice. I will teach you how to use the Jedi code against them, and how to fight one and live."
Memoirs of a Separatist 3: Droids and Sense
It's been a year on Geonosis. Halna is learning tactical genius and how to combat Jedi.

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Let us all have a moment of silence for TK-873 :sad: 
24 BBY

"We cannot continue to be manipulated by this self-serving Oligarchy!" Count Dooku of Serenno declared, "Nearly 8 years ago, the Galactic Senate, in a selfish attempt to squeeze the outer rim dry, voted into law a tax on the Free Trade Zones! Do you see the contradiction?" The audience roared in frustration and agreement. The Count continued, "Ever since that atrocious law was passed, and the Trade Federation's attempt to protest failed, the senate has sought to limit corporate control along major hyperspace routes, thereby preventing the commerce exchange that many worlds are dependent on. If the senate continues this agenda, those worlds will end up in poverty; a lot of them are not capable of sustaining enough resources on their own with their heavy populations, and they are dependent on corporations like the Trade Federation and Techno Union, who provide these worlds with the basic needs they cannot satisfy on their own. The Republic is failing, and the only way to save the mega-corporations and their client planets is to withdraw from this corrupt system." The crowd roared with satisfaction and support as the Count continued, "We'll create our own system, our own government; a Confederacy of Independent Systems!" Count Dooku was a former Jedi and associate of the late Hego Damask, who began a motion within the senate to withdraw Corporations like the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, Techno Union, Corporate Alliance and Banking Clan, as well as sub-companies like SoroSuub, Bactoid Armor, Haor Chall, and Gowen Planetary Advancement, and all of their home and client worlds, and form an independent government. Halna's mother Callista, had already withdrawn Celanon from the Senate, and Argo reached out to GPA's client worlds; Celanon was a close neighbor of Serenno, and an invaluable ally. The family watched the rally on Coruscant from their mansion on Celanon via the CIS Shadowfeed, a new newsfeed created by the Commerce Guild for the CIS. "He knows what he's talking about, that man." Argo said, "Who better to lead a new government than someone who was once a Jedi?" Callista sounded nervous when she responded, "A former Jedi; who knows what's changed about him; it might be a turn for the worst. I've heard some awful stories about Jedi who used their powers to sow terror and chaos." "You needn't worry about that honey," Argo said soothingly, "Count Dooku is a people's person; he cares about us, and knows that the only way for us to leave the oppressive Republic is through unification." Callista still sounded nervous, "Well I hope it's a peaceful transition." Halna was listening in on the conversation, and found his opportunity to say something he's been wanting to say for a while, "Well Count Dooku is preparing for the possibility of a war; he's ordering the construction of a droid army, and is recruiting beings to become commanders. Captain Bonteri signed up, and I was wondering if I could too." Both Argo and Callista looked at him with mild surprise, then each other, then back at him. After a few moments of thinking, Argo was the first to answer, "Well you still have to finish your semester at the university, but I suppose you can sign up." "Wait a minute!" Callista interrupted, then looked to Halna with a worried look, "Halna, are you certain this is what you want to do? I mean it's great that you want to help our new government, but if war breaks out, you- you could get killed, and," she started hyperventilating, "we would-" "mom," "we would miss you, and" "Mom." "you're so sweet and kind and brave and-" "MOM!" Callista paused. "99% of the army will be droids," Halna explained, "I'll have plenty of protection; they're mindless droids which will take orders without question." Callista still looked worried, "But what about your education?" "Oh he'll be fine dear," Argo said soothingly, "There's no better teacher than experience. Besides, the Ruusan Reformations prevent the Republic from building an army; there likely won't be a war." Callista looked like she discovered a great treasure, "Yes! Your father makes a good point Halna; why waste your education if there won't be a war?" "Just because the senate can't order the creation of an army," Halna responded, "doesn't mean that the Jedi will willingly surrender to us; they're not the peacekeepers of the past; they're puppets of the Republic-" Argo interrupted, "Alright! Alright! You made your case." he sighed, "I'll tell you what; I'll let you submit your application for recruitment, but I want you to work extra hard on your studies." Halna's face lifted up, "Sweet! Thanks dad, and mom," Callista looked up, "I'll be fine." Halna then walked out into the garden. "Oh it's almost as if he's going right now" Callista said with sadness. Halna was very excited; he was going to fight against the Republic, but, his mother's dismayed look came into his mind. He made a silent vow to himself; no matter what happens, he would survive... for his parents.

2 Months Later, 23 BBY

The Munificent-Class Frigate dropped out of hyperspace above Geonosis. Halna looked out the window at the dusty, orange, ringed world, and saw two Xi Charrian droid starfighters approaching the ship. As they passed, an announcement came on, "We have been cleared for atmospheric entry. Please proceed to the shuttle." As he made his way to the hangar, Halna thought of how he got here; he completed his semester at Celanon University with flying colors, and a lot of his professors were disappointed he dropped out. When the frigate arrived in Celanon orbit, he was surprised to find that Proddo and his brother Pors signed up as well. They sat together en route, and were discussing politics and the potential of war; almost everyone on board agreed that if war were to break out, the droid forces will quickly overcome the Jedi, and the Republic would agree to their terms. "I wonder who our mentor is going to be." Proddo said excitedly. Halna, with like-minded excitement, responded, "I heard that the headmaster is a Chiss!" "That's unlikely Halna." Pors said arrogantly, "The Chiss keep to themselves; they wouldn't want anything to do with us."

Sev'rance Tann was waiting expectantly for the new arrivals. As a Chiss and an apprentice of the Sith, she was ruthless and objective; she saw the new commanders as little more than extra-valuable droids, but she was hoping some would prove her wrong. Her Tactical Droid, T1-87, walked up to her and reported, "General Tann, a shuttle has broken the perimeter; scans show it's a sheathipede-class." She looked at the droid, "Did they transmit a code clearance?" "Affirmative," the droid replied, "it checks out." "Direct that shuttle to landing tube 18" she ordered. "Yes Ma'am" the droid said as it walked away.

The shuttle flew into a tube in the side of a mountain, and landed on a docking pad at the end. Sev'rance assembled the rest of the cadets to welcome the new arrivals, ordering them to stand in a wall, creating a path in which she stood. The shuttle's landing ramp extended, and disembarked a group of ten young men and women of diverse species; several Neimoidians, Aqualish, two Muuns and a human. At the sight of the human, Tann's red eyes seemed to light up; there was only one other human, a promising cadet named Bonteri. Sev'rance Tann saw humans as superior to the rest of the member aliens of the CIS; they bared the most semblance to the Chiss; Neimoidians were too fearful and Muuns were to acquisitive. "Cadets, Attention!" she called. The cadets looked to their headmaster. "Welcome to Geonosis. Here at the Confederate Officer Academy, we're preparing for the potential of war against the Republic." walking towards them, she continued, "The droid army is a force to be reckoned with, but with out adequate officers, admirals or generals, it is an incompetent rabble of machines. Keep in mind, you will not be trained as soldiers, but as commanders. I will be training you in how to lead droids into battle, how to execute Chiss battle tactics, and how to deal with Jedi." The new arrivals gasped with shock as she drew her red-bladed lightsaber. "Don't worry; I'm not a Jedi, but I can use the force, and I know how to counter the Jedi and their abilities. You shall be using test battle droids against me during training sessions, and I will train any who are willing in fencing, should you ever encounter a Jedi. I won't be the only teacher; Admiral Trench is the academy's tactical teacher; he will teach you the basics of battle tactics." she started assessing each person. "To be honest, this is the last place I want to be; creating battle commanders from incompetent bankers, merchants and cruiser pilots." she spoke with distaste, and was delighted to see some faces tense with determination and a desire to prove they weren't incompetent. She continued, "I'd rather be assassinating Jedi, but Count Dooku ordered me here to supervise your training, so that's what I'm going to do." "You will have quarters ready; T1-87 will show you where to go." she concluded. She started to walk away. "Oh by the way," she added, "I'll have favorites." Then T1-87 walked up and asked for names. When a name was called, the droid assigned a battle droid to show them to their quarters.

The Next Day

Admiral Trench surveyed the group of new cadets, focusing each eye on a cadet simultaneously. His pincers clicked as he began the lesson, "The Judicial Forces of the Republic is a measley defense force; a pitiful excuse for a fleet meant to protect the interests of the common-folk. But with the Jedi, they can be a serious threat to the Confederacy. While few in number, the Judicial Forces officers are some of the best strategists in the Galaxy. Though you're learning from the corporate fleet commander who blockaded Malastare-Narrows and successfully repelled a Judicial Forces squadron, and survived an attack from the Jedi. It is possible to beat them." With that, he started to run a simulation of 5 Republic Corvettes going against 5 Confederate Frigates. He demonstrated bombing runs, strafes, and even a properly performed Marg Sabl maneuver. Halna paid attention thoroughly, and began running his own simulations in his mind. He found it easy to understand; he thought then, that he would succeed.

1 Year Later

The eight droids followed Halna over a light-orange foothill. The visibility was limited due to a recently dissipated sandstorm, and the sun barely shined through. For this battlefield practice course, Halna and the battle droids were escorting a GNK Power Droid to a checkpoint. His goal was to get the gonk droid to the checkpoint without losing more than half his battle droids. The checkpoint was over 4 kilometers away from the starting point, and each step of the way, he and his droids had to get through an entire battalion. All of the droids were modified for training; they fired light, ionized particle bolts that deactivated other droids and brought severe yet non-lethal pain to organics hit by them. The explosives were also stun grenades. The gonk droid walked at a speed of 2 kph, meaning that if not interrupted, it would take 2 hours to complete the mission. None of the battle droids could carry the gonk, even if working together, so they were forced to walk at a slow pace to protect the droid. As Halna scanned the view from the top of the hill, and found the red light that indicated the checkpoint, the gonk droid marched up, uttering "gonk" to indicate its presence, then continued walking. Halna scanned the area for enemy droids, then turned to his second in command. "We're almost to the finish line. Set protective position 9823 around the power droid" he ordered. The droid's reply was quick, "Roger Roger" It then waved the other 7 droids forward, and they formed a circle and scanned the area; 5 droids were holding E-11 blaster rifles, 2 pulse cannon sniper rifles, and the last one was holding an ion neutralizer, a lighter form of the illegal disruptor rifles. Halna originally started with ten battle droids, but he lost one to blaster fire, and sacrificed another as a diversion "Enemy units approaching at 10 o'clock!" A droid called out. Halna looked to confirm, and saw 10 Super Battle march in. Designed by the Techno Union and Bactoid Armor, these droids were advanced versions of the B1s, with heavier armor and greater firepower, but they were slow, and had limited range. "OM-11, acquire target." Halna said to the droid with the neutralizer. The droid lifted the rifle put it's scope up to it's "eye". As the B2 droids were extending their blaster arms, OM-11 fired. The blue particle bolt deactivated 5 battle droids. The deactivated droids fell on the ones behind them, causing them to stumble and get quickly cut down by Halna's droids. Halna then lead the squadron down the hill. They were about 50 meters away when he heard a blaster shot, and saw OM-11 fall to the ground; a squad of B1s came up behind them. "Return fire! Cover the power droid!" Halna yelled as he drew his blaster. The droids intentionally aimed near but not directly at their target, so as to trick cadets; Halna was quicker than others to figure this out, and he downed 2 enemy droids while his sniper units picked off the rest. The last one threw an ion grenade before it was gunned down. "Droid Popper! Get Clear!" The battle droids ran to the power droid to escape the electrical blast. The battle droids managed to escape, but Halna's right foot was touched, coursing electricity through him. He screamed in pain, and fell to his knees as it died down. Breathing heavily, he tried to move his foot; it wouldn't respond. This would cause him to lose training points, but all that really mattered was that the power droid got to the checkpoint, which lit green as soon as the droid arrived. He'd done this battlefield practice multiple times before. As he limped to where the speeder would pick him up, he thought about his time at the Confederate Academy; he was sick of Geonosis; it was hot and dusty, and he lived in a Geonosian hive that served as the academy's dormitories. Every night, he heard the flapping of wings and clatter of claws from the locals. The courses were also starting to get boring. Sure, he learned a lot, but it was all just becoming practice now. He also gained some weight, despite his success in field command training; thinking about battle tactics and strategies left little room for physical training. The only respite from the daily buzz was the simulator and field command practice. The Simulator was a featureless room lined with holoprojectors; it was designed to simulate flying a starfighter or running the bridge of a space cruiser. Interactive computation droids aided in the experience, making it as practical as it was surreal. A cadet could get any angle of the battle he or she wanted. Pors was a master with the Simulator, being praised by Admiral Trench, who is very difficult to please. There was talk among the cadets that if war broke out, Pors would be promoted directly to admiral. Halna himself was hoping that he would at least become a captain; he wasn't even the second best. He frequently made mistakes in strategy, but he excelled in field command; a war game that required commanders to guide a squad of training battle droids through an outdoor course and fight other training droids; he took blaster lessons unlike a lot of the other cadets, and where Pors was the master of the simulator, Halna was the most prepared for a battlefield. But he knew blasters would not be enough to stop a Jedi, so at the end of a battle command class, General Tann made her usual reminder that positions for lightsaber combat were open. This time, Halna chose to sign up. He walked up to the General. "General Tann." Halna called out. The Chiss's red eyes turned towards him; they seemed to see right through him. She looked expectant, "Yes?" Halna composed himself, "I would like to sign up for the lightsaber combat course." Halna was shocked to see mild surprise on the General's blue face, "You're the first student to ask. I thought Bonteri would've been interested, but clearly not. What's your name Cadet?" "Halna Gowen", he replied quickly. "Oh yes. I remember that name. You beat the Republic battlegroup, but lost over 70% of your forces; you're awfully liberal when it comes to sacrificing forces." she said coolly. Halna looked disappointed, but he was determined to press the subject, "But I only lost one battle droid in the extraction run; you know how hard that run is." Tann interrupted, "I'm well aware, but a good commander needs to be well versed in strategy as well as combat. So complete a level 11, variable 38 battle simulation with more than 70% of your forces surviving, and then, I may be inclined to teach you." Halna remembered that simulation; 10 republic corvettes and over 20 Jedi Starfighters, and he looked even more disappointed, but he chose to accept the General's terms; better than nothing.
Memoirs of a Separatist 2: Corporate Interests
Halna Gowen joins the CIS Droid Army and trains to become a captain underneath General Sev'rance Tann and Admiral Trench, along with his friends, the Tonith brothers Pors and Proddo.

Count Dooku orders the creation of the droid army in order to prevent the Republic from stopping the CIS movement.

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32 BBY

Lucrehulk-Class Cargo Freighter GPA-LH-099397823065269845 "Amanoa"
Crew: 100 Humans, 10,000 Droids
Guests: 1
Cargo: 3,000,000 Metric Tons of Glitterstim Spice
Course: Hyperspace Transit from Kessel to Muunilinst

The panoramic window of the guest quarters at the front end of the freighter's core module provided Halna Gowen with an amazing view of the glowing blue tunnel of hyperspace, as well as the inside of the c-shaped cargo ring in which the spice was stored. Halna had seen the tunnel many times before, but he wasn't interested in the view; this was his first time alone. His parents were nobles from Celanon; his father Argo was the head of Gowen Planetary Advancement, a sub-company of the Trade Federation that provided planets that had start-up space societies with technology and the means to join galactic society and get representation in the Republic, and Callista, Halna's mother, was the senator for Celanon in the Galactic Senate. Despite being the head of the company, Argo made monthly trips to client worlds of GPA, and brought his family with him. This trip was different, as Halna was under the supervision of Captain Bonteri, who worked for GPA and named his ship after the ancient queen of his homeworld, Onderon. Argo and Callista had been summoned to a confidential meeting with other high-ranking officials of the Trade Federation, and Halna was only 10 years old. Because the meeting coincided with their monthly trip off Celanon, Argo didn't want to leave Halna at home. So he assigned Captain Bonteri to take Halna under his wing, if only for a week or 2, in preparation for his future career in GPA. Halna wasn't too happy about the arrangement; they were originally set to go to Ando, a tropical world. Instead, he had to spend 5 days on the dusty, boring world of Kessel. He was now on his way home, but they had to make a stop at Muunilinst to unload the spice; the only thing to go right for Halna on this trip; Proddo Tonith, his first long-distance friend, lived on Muunilinst; maybe Halna would finally get to meet him. He and proddo were watching the Boonta-Eve podrace live on the Holonet. Halna loved podraces, but hardly got to watch them; his parents didn't like Jabba the Hutt, the sponsor of the annual race on Tatooine. They would always dispute who would win this year; Proddo was just like any other Muun; shrewd and calculating. Because of this, he always supported Sebulba, the racer who won every year for the past 3 in a row, while Halna picked a new racer every year. This year, Halna picked a local human named Anakin Skywalker; a kid around Halna's age. "Are you kidding? That kid doesn't stand a chance. I mean, he's only 9 years old." Proddo chastised. Halna weathered the rebuke. "But he's already in second place, and catching up. Besides, Sebulba has to lose sometime." Halna said. "Just watch; he'll crash, and Sebulba will win again." Proddo responded with confidence. "You're like a droid Proddo, you know that?" Proddo chuckled lightly, "I'll take that as a compliment." "... and Sebulba's pod is going out of control! That is the first time he crashed. And Anakin takes the lead!" the Troig's right head announced. "What?!" both human and muun exclaimed with shock; Anakin won the podrace, and became the first human to do so. As both of them were disputing what was going on, a copper-plated protocol droid entered the room. "Master Gowen?" "What is it Seetoo?" Halna asked. C2-M3 responded, "We are 5 minutes away from Muunilinst; Captain Bonteri wants to see you on the bridge." Halna was slightly dismayed, "Okay, I'll be there in a few seconds." (to Proddo) "I gotta go, we're arriving at Muunilist." Halna, like all humans, said the name with the last n silent. "It's alright." Proddo responded. "I gotta go to; apparently, my family is welcoming a guest; a captain in GPA who's delivering spice." Halna's eyes widened. "That's the ship I'm on!" Proddo's eyes widened too, "Oh my stars! Well, see you soon."


Captain Bonteri sat expectantly in his command chair. "We'll be dropping out of hyperspace in 20 seconds Captain." a droid reported. At that moment, Bonteri's guest, Halna Gowen, came running onto the bridge. "Hey kid. We're dropping out right... now!" The tunnel straight ahead transformed into the lines of shortening stars as a planet seemed to jump out right in front of them. Bonteri pointed out the space station in the distance. "See that?" he asked Halna, who strained to recognize it. "That's the financial funnel, right?" he asked. "Yep. Administrator Tonith is waiting. Droid, is the shuttle ready?" "Yes sir." the droid responded. Bonteri looked to Halna. "Come on kid; we've got to take a shuttle to the station." Together they walked down to the hangar. They boarded the ship, a Haor-Chall made Sheathipede Transport, which whisked them to the ornate space station. Waiting in the station's hangar was an entourage of Muuns dressed in typical business wear, and a squad of Iotran guardsmen. The transport turned around as it entered the hangar to present it's boarding ramp. Bonteri and Halna exited. The lead Muun and two others walked up to them "Welcome to Muunilinst Captain Bonteri; how was the trip?" the adult Muun asked. "As successful as ever; we have the shipment." Bonteri responded. The Muun nodded in approval, "Good... and who's this?" he asked, referring to Halna. "Oh sorry administrator, this is Halna Gowen. Halna, this is Riz Tonith; he's the administrator of the skyhook." Tonith looked down on Halna with interest. "Halna Gowen? The heir of GPA?" he asked. "That's me." Halna said. "Nice to meet you Halna. This is my eldest son, Pors, and I believe you know Proddo. So, let's head downside and discuss the shipment." "By all means administrator." Bonteri said. Halna, Bonteri and the Muuns made their way to the lifts, the Iotrans following closely. They took two lifts; one for the Muuns and their guests; the other for the guards. The two lifts then started up and made their way downside. Halna heard about Muunilinst's clean skies and oceans, but was unprepared when he experienced it's beauty for the first time. Halna's parents had been to the planet multiple times before; business and politics demanded it. Halna would ask them about the planet each time, and he was awed with stories of big, sleek buildings and crystal clear oceans. His eyes were wide open the whole elevator ride, and the whole speeder ride across the ocean to their private mansion on a series of small, tropical islands. The mansion was nothing short of magnificent; a series of ornate buildings built into the mountain, connected to one another through hallways decorated with exotic flowers and marble pillars lined with pure aurodium. Surrounding the mansion were several smaller buildings of similar architecture, which served as guest houses, and a barracks for the Iotran guards. On one of the outer islands, was a runway with a fleet of airspeeders from many parts of the galaxy. Proddo ran up to Riz as he and Bonteri were talking. "Father, can Halna sleep in my room?" he asked. "No; Halna is a guest, and therefore, he and Captain Bonteri will be staying there until their business is complete." Riz answered, then turned to his elder son, "Pors, would you show Halna to his suite? Captain Bonteri and I have to discuss the shipment." "Yes father." Pors answered with respect in his voice, and turned to Halna. "Come with me Mr. Gowen." The Muun led the young Human out of the mansion, down a stone brick walkway that went through the foliage. The leaves of the palm trees on the sides swayed slightly in the warm wind, and the jungle was alive with various alien sounds. "What's that?" Halna asked, referring to the clicking sound. Pors answered, "That's a tree-scaler. We imported from Felucia. Anyway, here's where you and Captain Bonteri will be staying." The Muun indicated a beach-side residence; a building not unlike the others, with two floors and a balcony above the dining hall. "You'll be staying in the downstairs suite." Pors said, "It has a bedroom, a restroom designed for human use and a holo-device. You can use it to summon servant droids if you have an issue, want to order some food, or browse the local Holonet. However, if you want to make off-world transmissions, you'll have to go to the comm-tower, which is a few meters down the beach." With that, Pors walked away, leaving Halna to his own devices. Halna walked inside the building, into a lounge with green velvet-lined couches and poofs, a dark wood, round table with a holoprojector in the center, various shelves with flimsi-plast books and local flowers, a dejarik table and a large, curved window with a panoramic view of the beach. A portiere on the left wall to the door lead to a dining room and a kitchen, and a door straight in front lead to the first floor suite. Halna opened the door and found a large bed with velvet green blankets, an armchair, two bed-side desks, and a computer terminal. Halna used the terminal to order some Bantha milk, and five minutes later, an expensive, golden E-3PO protocol droid rang the door. When Halna answered it, it spoke in a prim, synthetic female voice, "Here is your beverage Master Gowen. May I be of further assistance?" "No thanks." Halna responded. Without another word, the droid left, heading back to the mansion. Sitting down on a poof, Halna activated the dejarik table and began a game against the computer.

The Next Day

Bonteri and Riz were supervising the transfer of spice from the Amanoa to various freighters, shuttles and several Alderaanian medical corvettes, fulfilling orders left and right, and checking manifestos, all from the mansion. Meanwhile outside, Halna and Proddo were using a pair of electrobinoculars to zoom in on the skyhook, which floated in the sky like a moon. They were trying to identify the ship models that were coming in to pick up the spice; they spotted CR-90 Corvettes, YT-1300 light freighters, VCX-100 freighters, GR-75 Transports, a few Commerce Guild ships and even a Mon Calamari cruiser. While they were discussing a particularly suspicious manifesto from a Star Yacht, an attendant droid came in, "Master Tonith, we're receiving a live transmission from Hego Damask." Bonteri looked confused "The reclusive former head of Damask Holdings?" Riz looked equally confused, "Must be. Record the transmission and summon Pors, Proddo and Halna." he said to the droid. "Already recording." it responded, and it walked away.

"No, that's an MC-80; you can tell by the ventral bridge pod." Halna said. "MC-80s don't have those," Proddo responded, "That's an MC-75." "Excuse me young masters." a synthetic voice said. Both kids looked at a silver-plated protocol droid, who said to Proddo, "Your father would like to see you both in the transmission tower." They then handed the binoculars to the droid and hurried off. The transmission tower looked like the other buildings; ornate and circular, except for a large array of antennae on the top. The kids walked in to a darkened room, with a holoprojector inside. Bonteri, Riz, Pors and several other Muuns were standing around it. As soon as the door closed, the holoprojector displayed an elder Muun wearing a breathing device. The Muun spoke in a rattling, slightly mechanical voice, slightly muffled by the hologram, "As many of you may have heard, the Trade Federation has blockaded and invade Naboo, in defiance of the taxation of the Free Trade Zones. Viceroy Gunray and his constituents will be arrested. (1) Pay heed to the way the Republic and the Jedi Order deal with them; The Federation will be dismantled, and the precedent will be set. Unless you take steps to begin a slow, carefully planned withdrawal from the Senate, taking your home and client worlds with you, you too, risk becoming property of the the Republic." The hologram then faded, and lights came on. As the Muuns and Captain Bonteri broke into discussion, Halna contemplated what Hego Damask said, and found himself hating the Republic and the idolized Jedi.

(1) Luceno, James. (2011). Darth Plagueis: New York: Del Rey
Memoirs of a Separatist 1: Calm Before the Storm
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